New Beats Survey of Canadian Journalists

Canadian media industries continue to restructure and layoff media workers since the 2008 recession, and little is known about what happens after journalists leave their media organizations. This research will give us insight into the role that layoffs and forced career changes are playing in the ongoing transformation of Canadian journalism.

This project is designed to understand what happens to journalists in Canada after they experience job loss in journalism (layoffs, buyouts), particularly the implications for journalists’ professional identities. The project is an international component of a research project currently underway in Australia titled New Beats: Mass Redundancies, Career Changes and the Future of Australian Journalism. Some results from that research have been published on J-Source.ca and in the journal Journalism Practice

This research will be the first in Canada to examine in-depth the complex interplay between economic, technological, workplace and career pressures transforming journalism today. We encourage you to participate by taking a 15-minute survey and sharing the link to our survey with any journalism colleagues who have experienced job loss (either a layoff or a buyout) from 2012-present. (We also have a French version of the survey and a French version of this website.)






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